His work in digital video and performance was a key to the symposium’s international scope, and proved exemplary as to how a multiplicity of approaches to the new art of performance cinema provides a deeper understanding of many aspects of performance cinema – form, content, political, global, etc. Henry Warwick, curator SFPCS San Francisco Performance Cinema Symposium 2003

 SDvideo 25’48 min                                                                                                       VIDEO STILL DIGITAL TRILOGY

video/sound installation, developed in Western Australia 

DVD distributed and available through Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London – leading consultant for Arts Education

Differences and cultural identities between people; focussing on modern movements inspired by nature and urban settings the DVD is about how people interact with nature and the modern world. Digital Trilogy is a DVD that includes a main video (composed of three film-lines) and the three lines separate to watch with subtitles. …Once we were born as human beings, but then we started to “breed” a new “clone” of our existence: Western Society. This new creature has separated itself from nature more and more and found its own definitions about different things in life… Three parts represent a whole story about changing the view on things in society, nature and life in general. It focuses on slow and fast movements by replacing points of view and by separating nature from the human being. The human individual in short cuts and profiles of facing the beauty temples of Western Society like TV’s soap operas, shopping centres and mass events, is basic starting point. The camera serves as the digital eye of someone unidentified who watches different scenes and places at the same time and who watches and recognises parts, details of life and its movements. He is the audience who becomes the unidentified and hidden observer of those different scenes, brought together as three parts of existence and world in common.

What I particularly like about Bello’s work is it has great variety in style, theme and concepts, and this allows a newer observer of contemporary digital art to appreciate a diverse range of works. The different projects give an insight into what is possible with the application of new technologies to New Media Art. Graeme Watson, Film and Television Institute WA Australia

I believe that the work has redeeming educational merit. It is insightful and unique and is of interest to anyone involved in the contemporary creative arts. Dr Peter Mudie, University of Western Australia

Digital Trilogy was presented at the 2003 SAN FRANCISCO PERFORMANCE CINEMA SYMPOSIUM.

Pressefoto Freo-DT: The Gazette, Picture: Martin Kennealey

bello benischauer’s art explores how people interact with nature and the modern world. Picture: Martin Kennealey, The GAZETTE 9/2003


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