new project 2014 WHAT IT WILL BE – As soon as you start using words for it… some sort of explanation…, you lay down a certain concept. If you do not know what it is about, you cannot describe it.

What happens, once you let go of all learned theories, social constraints, all materialistic attachments and get confronted with yourself? Who are you really, do you know? While being placed in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a place you feel disconnected with its surroundings, you suddenly discover yourself and get carried away not by a train, a ship, a bus, somebody, no, you meet yourself and take yourself on the inner journey of human condition.

With diverse performative actions in the public sphere the performers aim to discover aspects of human condition by examining changes of their own behaviour within such initiated and temporary situations.

This website documents the multidisciplinary work by bello benischauer and elisabeth m eitelberger since 1987.

In 2012 we moved into a new studio space at the Old Customs House in Fremantle, managed by Artsource, the advocacy body of visual artists in Western Australia. This provides the adequate environment to produce large-scale work based on the experimentation with visual images, spoken word and sound in installation based/built environments that subsequently lead to the creation of video performances.

ART IN PROCESS uses this artist studio to make new work, based on refining and establishing our work methods further on the intersection of installation, video, performance art and creative writing. It serve us as a starting point to increase our use of performative and improvisational techniques as well as languages as strong tools to seize and reflect on contemporary issues in our society. The basis – again self-written texts.

We make large-scale wall-objects and object installations for creating sceneries as a backdrop in an artistic laboratory for our video performances, based on these texts. We experiment with the human body through mimic, gesture, movement and voice, utilising improvisation. We are able to refine our attempt of contextualising a combination of static and temporal works, like we accomplished in our solo-exhibition with Art on the Move (toured interstate 2008 to 2011) or developed further i.e. in Fool’s Gold during an AIR at Artspace Sydney. We have partly anticipated certain ideas in recent projects that we can now expand on. The work grows from a philosophical reflection on how human existence is formed by our urban/natural environment. It seizes conflicts and effects that different socio-cultural milieus have on the individual being and shows how our individual understanding of terms like identity-belonging-multilingualism gets shaped and changed by cultural structures and globalisation at large.

  • STÖRUNGEN – three live performances in public space at the  Swizz Performance Art Festival Perform Now! – October 2013
  • All distributed work available from Contemporary Arts Media – leading consultant for Arts Education AUS/UK
  • EXHIBITION | Paper Session | LIVE PERFORMANCE | WORKSHOP at ISEA2011 Istanbul September
  • Public Art Screening as part of the Albury (NSW) Digital Art Outdoor Gallery Program 4-5-6 August 2011
  • Solo-exhibition IMPACT & FUSION by bello benischauer had 11734 visitors – touring Australia 2008 to 2011
  • Commissioned Artwork SYMPTOMS Courtesy of LIA, Helmi Vent, University Mozarteum Salzburg 2010
  • workshop SVAPA workshops Mount Lawley SHS students, Perth/Australia 2008-2010
  • At Artspace in Sydney develops Fool’s Gold during a studio residency  July to August 2010
  • Live Performance at IMPORT/EXPORT through Wiener Festwochen Vienna 14 May 2010
  • EMOTIONAL SEASONS at LABfactory and Das Dorf Vienna/Austria March – May 2010
  • Global Conferences Culture Politics Ethics and Cybercultures Salzburg/Austria 12 – 14 March 2010
  • You can view a current 30min Interview about Bello´s work under TotalartTV in Philadelphia USA 2009
  • SYMPOSIUM KUMASI/Ghana Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology August 2009
  • Media and Performing Arts Festival EVORA/Portugal various locations of Alentejo July 2009
  • ARTIST PRESENTATION – sonance.artistic.network – Bello will present some recent projects June 2009
  • Residency Salzburg/Austria platform for media art and experimental technologies May 2009
  • Installation work at the International Conference on Digital Arts ARTECH 2008 in Portugal November 2008
  • Artist Presentation at ISEA2008 the International Symposium on Electronic Art July 2008
  • Pool’s Vodcast screened Identical City as part of Melbourne’s federation Square New Year’s Eve 2008
  • Residency Project blue Child the world is seen as a blue planet, at MT Lawley SHS, September 2008
  • EXHIBITION in Metz/FRANCE – Faux Mouvement a virtual migration to the house Europe Jun to Sep 2007
  • mona DETROIT/USA International Film & Videofestival 2005
  • NEW YORKs performance space barbes, Brooklyn USA presents PROJECT X 2005
  • DIGITAL TRILOGY at the Caught Short TAPgallery SYDNEY/AUS  2005
  • IGITAL TRILOGY will be screened at the National Museum of Australia: Sky Lounge 2004
  • International Exhibition WOMEN’S CITYat the NPAK The Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art ARMENIA 2004
  • and … more REVIEW

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