This workshop idea has been created in 2004 and still exists in its original format. Depending on interest, it is possible to revisit the concept and develop it further.

Course description

Get to know how to work with video and new media from filming to the endproduction of a DVD with a strong focus on the creative process. The artistic video as a form of theraphy/teaching to discuss the crossing of barriers, working with different issues (integration, identity problems, multiculturalism).


Learning outcome

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • discuss theoretical requirements of filming process
  • have knowledge about the use of video camera and various computer programs
  • discuss a certain theme by developing own video projects
  • address aesthetical issues about filming and video making
  • work with video and new medis on their own
  • create a DVD
ART IN PROCESS – creative video workshops address boundaries, mergers, fusions and crossovers of the worldwide movement of people/cultures and the hybrid of cultures and their habitats (sociologically spoken). What means identity in times of the union of various nations, what does culture mean in a country itself, last but not least: has the single person something like a deep understanding, a cultural consciousness Out of the accumulation of different cultures evolves a picture of singularity that wants to end in the plurality. This is globally creating a virtual consciousness of a world culture, which roots in the small. All these aspects can lead to very interesting video-projects that are based on cultural crossovers. And the main question of the projects: How do we react personally in certain situations?
  • Besides the sociological-creative part you will be able to deal with diverse computer programs used for filming and editing process. The sessions will be about a connection of theory and praxis as follows:

Expositorial Part (short tuitions):

  • Introducing the Camera
  • Apple eMac Introduction (theoretical) / Mac OSX Operation System
  • iMovie, quick view: iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD
  • capturing Video in iMovie
  • rough Editing, Backup-Tapes
  • iMovie with example Footage
  • iMovie Backup´s / Hard Drive, Dada DVD; or to Tape
  • encoding mpeg1/2, get film ready for output
  • Sound, iTunes MP3
  • iDVD
  • Sound Importing/Exporting, iTunes, (bring your own music/CD)
  • iPhoto, importing Photos from camera, using it in different applications
  • variable: Layout + Printing (DVD-Cover and Label / Powerpoint, Indesign, Photoshop

Participative Part / Hands on:

  • BRAINSTORMING ˆ STORYBOARD (theme discussions)
  • Filming / Cutting / working on single projects (2-3 people) in small group Developing project:
  • Creating an art_DVD with single projects PROPOSED FORMAT / TIMES
  • Variable / the workshop can also address a selected part!!!

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