These five minutes cut through some of the projects by ART IN PROCESS. Please be aware that the original works (cross-disciplinary projects with a strong performative character and use of different languages) are mostly around 15 min or longer. This is a brief insight into works that build on a greater context of using language, text and imagery, to create abstract but also narrative works.

  1. Emotional Seasons project series_Not quite kosher (Vienna): this interview with Bello about the work by ART IN PROCESS was recorded by BlinkLicht Media Lab Vienna as part of their international collaboration project IMPORT&EXPORT – which started during the Vienna Festwochen in May 2010. The interview includes scene-shots from the project Not quite kosher in Vienna that resulted in an EndPresentation and Live Performance at IMPORT&EXPORT.
  2. Emotional Seasons_Fool’s Gold (the original work in English is 17 min in length) supported by an Artspace Studio Residency, July to August 2010, Sydney
  3. Emotional Seasons_Not quite kosher (the original work in English is 12 min in length) – the artistic video & sound installation of the performances in public and private during the development of the project in Vienna (March to May 2010)
  4. Intervention – 2009 project series (each part is originally 12 min in length, includes Portuguese, English and German) – 3 parts international projects in collaboration with Subnet/Austria, performance and Media Art Festival Evora/Portugal and University of Technology/Arts Kumasi/Ghana
  5. EXILe 2008 (the original work is 15 min in length, includes English and Japanese) – in collaboration with individuals (poet/Japan, performers/WA)
  6. SUEX (Sustainability & Extinction) four-wall installation 2007/08 (the original work is 17 min in length, includes English, Japanese, Hebrew and Noongar) – four parts of 64 video and sound sets in collaboration with individuals (poet/Japan, musician/Israel, media theorist/WA, Anthropologist/Indigenous Culture WA) SUEX was presented as a four-wall installation at ARTECH08, European Conference of New Media Arts, Portugal 2008
  7. Asagao 2006/07 (the original work is 17 min in length, includes English and Japanese) – in collaboration with individuals (international performers and musicians)
  8. Project X… six transformations of life 2004/05 (the original work in English and German is 45 min in length)

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