Globalisiation and E-communication lead today to connections across the globe, like this 30min artist interview produced by Robert Medrala and Becky Winant, TotalTV, in Philadelphia/USA. The Process: Interview questions have been forwarded to the artist, who video taped himself giving the answers in a media arts studio in Fremantle, Western Australia. The artist also selected scene shots and photo images from his work to accompany the interview answers. Bello and Robert produced then the final interview together.

bello benischauer interview

Becky Winant – Interviewer
Robert Medrala – Producer, Director, Editor
Tony Gajewski – Camera& Lighting for Bello
Robert Medrala – Camera & Lighting for Becky

ART IN PROCESS & RAM Productions 2009

Photos from the artist studio in Langenlois/Austria provided by Andreas Nastl
(showing Sabine Fürpass-Traxler, Matthias Fürpass, Hermann Müller and Andreas Nastl)


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