Galerie Faux Mouvement, Centre d’Art Contemporain in Metz, France on 22 June 2007.
Galerie Faux Mouvement is part of the international media art project Virtual Residency – showing the video installation IDENTICAL CITY

the international media art project, the Virtual Residency – A call for a virtual migration to the house Europe Virtual Residency is being organized by the project group Monika Bohr, Claudia Brieske, Leslie Huppert and Gertrud Riethmüllerin close cooperation with the Gallery Biala in Lublin (PL), the Gallery Faux Mouvement, Centre d’Art Contemporain in Metz (F), the BWA Gallery in Breslau (PL) and the Casino LuxembourgForum d’art contemporain in Luxembourg (L).The Virtual Residency is being supported amongst other sponsors by the ZKM in Karlsruhe, the organizers of the Luxembourg and Greater Region European Capital of Culture 2007 project, as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Saarland, the office of the plenipotentiary of the Federal Republic of Germany (Saarland) and other sponsors and partners. The project executing organization is the HBK Saar – School of Fine Arts,Saarbrücken.

supported bylogo Luxemburg:
IDENTICAL CITY by bello benischauer is created in context to the unknown Renaissance Painting called “The Perfect City” 

ThePerfectCity: around Piero della Francesca (approx.1475), which addresses the Central Perspective of City Buildings without showing any inhabitants. What does Identity in times of a global union mean (concerning Western Countries), what does culture mean in a City itself, last but not least: has a single inhabitant still something like a deep Understanding, a cultural consciousness in anonymous city spaces?


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