Reflections by Elisabeth about the Open Studio Day 2012

The question was: How do we shape and transform a space within an existing space?

Besides horrible weather conditions a great number of visitors came to see the studios at the Old Custom’s House on Sunday 4Nov 2012.

In our Studio 37, Bello was introducing people to recent series like NO INTERMISSION as well as AGAINST ONESELF, pointing out the work process and particularly speaking about specific aspects of these works, most importantly addressing how the concept for the works was created and in which ways it shaped the making of the video performances.

I introduced people to our EXISTENCE THEATRE method, while Bello also explained past projects and their linkage to his currently developing practice within our studio.

A lot of visitors were attracted to Bello’s new WALL-OBJECTS, especially the ones that reflect on Bello’s own childhood.

Many visitors addressed me as performance artist, and I finally realised, how my art practice has changed over recent years. I also spoke about some of the themes that I usually write about in my creative research.

All in all it was interesting to speak about new work that currently develops in our studio, getting first reactions from people, which led to quite nurturing discussions about cultural symbolisation, in particular about how transnationalism/multiculturalism and the belonging aspect of feeling at home in different places has something to do with an individually growing personality/identity.

We think people walked away with new ideas about how we influence our immediate surroundings, how we are able to shape and transform a space within an existing space and how it is possible to overcome difficulties through communication on different levels along the way.

It was great to see visitors open up and tell about their own lives, about their multicultural background, about how they came to Australia, about discovering their roots and how they personally could relate to our artwork on display.

A 360-degree view from the location of our studio




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