This installation is about running away, about being forced to be a functioning person, about how to be treated as an outsider, about social outcast, about struggling with individuality and fitting into a social system that one doesn’t really feel comfortable with. The installation shows an old water tower in Albany/Western Australia. Hidden from the general public, this old and forgotten water tower became a central meeting place in the region for artists to gather around and produce their graffiti art.

video/sound installation, developed during a trip to Albany, Western Australia in relation to the opening of the national touring solo-exhibition IMPACT & FUSION

VICTIM reflects on the often silent suffering of artists – in how they feel treated by society and how various uncertainties of their life style can lead to fear, psychological trauma and isolation. VICTIM personalises an artist, who suddenly finds himself constrained and dominated by his work in confrontation with his immediate surroundings. The sound creation is transmitting the feelings in such a temporal situation.


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