ART IN PROCESS (AIP) is an Australian-Austrian entity, formed by the artists bello benischauer & elisabeth m eitelberger in 2000. Their work critically engages with a number of issues and behaviours specific to cross-cultures and consumer culture.*

The work process becomes a creative challenge, while AIP modify and pursue their work-methods again and again to activate new forms of artistic expression.

AIP develop their projects independently and in collaboration with other artists on the intersection of installation, video, performance art and creative writing. Such hybrid productions, created in-between art genres of experimental dance and theatre, visual arts, music and performance art use new media/technology as a fusing and transmitting element to deliver and increase the insemination of an artistic message to a wider and global audience. AIP force an interaction with the public on different levels, experimenting with the Arts functioning outside its traditional spaces and its contemporary transitoriness. For further details about AIP please be referred to the artistic monograph written by elisabeth m eitelberger called cross-border and beyond. the work by bello benischauer and ART IN PROCESS that will be soon available through CAM. In 2012 they created the term EXISTENCE THEATRE, which defines a specific stream of recent artistic projects of AIP.

*Multiculturalism, acclaimed by AIP and addressed in most of their works, can have a positive impact and help to extend our worldview, but also leads to confronting situations in daily life. Cultural differences lead to many problems within the social environment and need to be addressed in a sensible way. In all their work AIP point out that globalisation and pluralism invite to create synergies in-between people, countries and cultures, rather than conceive it as a conflict, driven by fear and resistance.


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