written and produced by ART IN PROCESS | Existence Theatre Production 2021

CONCEPT: Since the start of 2021, EXISTHEMUENS (Existence Theatre Music Ensemble) works on new compositions. Listeners are encouraged to go on a dreamlike journey that fosters people’s imagination by engaging body and mind in reaching a state of emotional freedom.

These sound driven experiments are multidimensional and create a unique experience, a concept about liberation. While fear, suppression, obedience, discrimination and racism, violence and greed have no space in this endeavour, the aim is to initiate a mindset beyond experiencing this world as a place that doesn’t encourage liberating thoughts.

A new beginning should also mean that we can and must overcome the unpleasant, the bad, the always rejected, the never wanted. The DIFFERENT WORLD is created for a fresh beginning, arising possibilities, also new responsibilities, so that we become able to leave old habits behind. This new music is intended to open the door for listeners to immerse themselves in a sense of momentary vibrancy.

Have patience to shape the time! Make way for fresh seeds of the coming eras! A step into the future that we have in fact already taken. Our consciousness has not yet fully grasped and perceived it. Holidays, a journey into the future, a dream ship affordable for all, socially equal passengers.

The intellectual level of the human being gets adapted to the new time, allowing more ability for fresh spiritual development.

The composition DIFFERENT WORLD NEW MUSIC should also help listeners to find their individual place in this environment that is still very foreign to us.