DIFFERENT WORLD NEW MUSIC: In this endeavour there is no space for fear, suppression, obedience, discrimination, racism, violence and greed. The sound driven experiments in this context – initiated by interdisciplinary artist and director of ART IN PROCESS | EXISTENCE THEATRE Bello Benischauer – create a unique listening experience to imagine this world as a place that encourages liberating thoughts. The artist invites guest musicians to build a bridge between Australian and European Free Jazz and Experimental/ Avantgarde music.

UPCOMING CONCERT: as part of the inaugural STRANGE FESTIVAL Perth at Moana Hall: vocal & percussion: Bohdan Prachař | vocal: Vanessa Vance & Jamie Mac | electronic: Trebt Oddin | synthesizer: bello benischauer | guest band Junk Performers: Chakris, Bugs Boyd, Dori Craig Bond

Recent recordings on Soundcloud – more under EXISTHEMUENS (Existence Theatre Music Ensemble)  – sound/dance/visuals #01PROGRESSION

Outcome Unknown #65. Bello Benischauer – sound composition on syntheziser, Liv Richardson – expressive movement

saxophone: Josten Myburgh | trumpet: Dan O‘Connor synthesizer: bello benischauer | drums: Ben Greene
CONCERT: Saturday 21.August at The Rechabite Goodwill Club, 8pm Facebook, This time’s line-up: Jeremy Segal DJ | EXISTEMUENS Duo, Bello Benischauer (synthesizer), Dan O’Connor (trumpet), orphans Dan O’Connor (trumpet), Dom Barrett (guitar), Ben Greene (drums)

CONCERT: Saturday 24.July The Bird, 4:50pm, synthesizer: bello benischauer | trumpet: Dan O‘Connor| instrumental: Jonathan Mustard |percussion: Bohdan Prachař

CONCERT: The Sewing Room Friday, 04.June 2021, 7:30pm, synthesizer: bello benischauer | trumpet: Dan O‘Connor| instrumental: Jonathan Mustard