GRAPHIC LANDSCAPE  – Mixed Media on Hardboard, 120x60cm, private collection

a series of 9 wall-objects

“If I would tell myself a story, it would probably look like this: different images that present some of my memories. This story may of course change, as we commemorate different things on different days. Often such stories of memory may seem poetic or opaque, for others hard to understand, hard to follow a meaning within. Images that we proclaim to be used for such a story, may occur to somebody else to be taken out of context: the story behind – hardly to be understood by them at all.”

Linked to what we call the world of dreams, we rarely get a clear but mostly encoded and symbolising image of what really has been told.

Because of their metaphorical nature, such images, stories and in this case wall-objects can relate to people in general. Each viewer will see something else in them, as we usually do in artworks: inviting our individual perception to unfold and to have a most personal experience, like with the lives that we live.

The artist leaves it open, in which order to place the wall-objects or in which order they should be viewed. Other than with common picture stories, his aim is to leave it open, for an abstract story needs neither a particular order nor a perceptible beginning or end. By visualising to change the order, we see another story evolve, and another. This way the viewer can choose an individual order her/himself, to create her/his own story. What the artist wants, is to create an opportunity, a situation for us, which allows us to take the position of a storyteller ourselves; the artist – in a sense – lends us his personal images (presented to us as wall-objects), so that we mix them with our own memories to envision something in particular.

A portrayal of a dream that we didn’t have dreamed yet.”


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