EMMA und ELIAS wall-objects is a diptych that the artist created in relation to AGAINST ONESELF. It acts as a counterpart to this performance series that addresses our various struggles with the human existence and the world from a present day perspective. Returning to our roots, finding back to our origins; symbolised by two child images. Children are able to maintain their free spirit as long as they are unaware of judgemental behaviour or prejudices against others. Their movement and their thoughts represent an innocent voice of the human being that is still connected to something beyond our earthly understanding. Children are curious, they speak and express themselves bluntly, not yet formed by society and individual culture. They behave unbiased and fearless.

EMMA – Oil on Hardboard + Mixed Media WALL-OBJECT, 81x122cm, private collection

ELIAS  – Oil on Hardboard + Mixed Media WALL-OBJECT, 81x122cm, private collection


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