Signs of investigation in nine parts is inspired by controversive discussions about signs from outer space in corn fields around the globe… like a photographic illustration, a passion for detail, nearly a scientific reception: discovering forms and structures, built and designed by mankind… from a distant view; details: a riverbed, desert roads, grass that blows in the wind… can be recognised.

PATTERN OF PERTH is an extremely expressive comment on city life by showing structures and movements in positive and negative forms, addressing an internal and external view (inside/outside a building); focusing on urban settings and their relation to their inhabitants; repetition and abstract forms lead the viewer to the awareness of the relation between people and buildings; and then… you see the pattern: people and traffic are changing, but the situations rhythmically repeat and create the PATTERN OF PERTH (created during an AIR at the Parmelia House, St Georges Terrace, Perth in 2006).

IMPACT & FUSION follows a special interest in the polarity between mankind and nature in context to the artistically formed material: the object, starting from primitive archaic and ritual art forms of expression. By focussing on forms and colours of nature this work is about human beings that have attempted to control, reorganise, and mark nature with signs of their presence.

Signs of investigation – Oil on Hardboard, 9-40x80cm, AUD $ 18000,-

PATTERN OF PERTH – Oil on Hardboard, 12-80x80cm, private collection

IMPACT & FUSION – Oil on Hardboard, 6-60x80cm, AUD $ 16000,-


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