Merkula | Kulamak | Ambero | Samola | Bamkua –  galvanised steel

The series of sculptures is called “add”. The individual objects are connected to the painted cycle “Cycle A-Z“, started in 2002. The whole cycle (including the wall-objects and the sculptures) is a discussion about a new world’s creation. In the paintings and the sculptures silver is the colour used to symbolise that something starts taking control of everything. As a symbol in conserving past and future the silver is supervising each little thing. The function of the paintings is to show a process of changes and reorganisation in a reorientation. Material from the past, no matter what it was for, is used to create new things in a recycling act. The sculptures in dialogue to the paintings stand for a new creation. These objects mean to present a new world covered in clean silver, clear in mind without neither past nor future thoughts and under total control. The objects are displayed in the artists’ garden. After years of living in a symbiotic relation with the garden, the sculptures are now covered and overgrown by plants.

Merkula1: Kulamak1:

Samola1: Bamkua1:



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