Nature Prints

Nature Prints – 5 Mixed Media Painting, 130×60 cm, AUD $ 4500,- each

Exhibition Maybe It´s Only Imagine 19.Jul – 11.Aug, 2002  at the Gallery NÖFA/WELS/AUSTRIA


starting point:

This art project is an examination of dreams and reality by focussing on the forms and colours of nature. Human Beings have attempted to controll, reorganise, and mark nature with signs of their presence: Collecting, conserving, disrupting and interpreting. In this project the human being is confronted by nature with questions like: Is it useful to conserve nature? What is left, when we take things of nature out of their space? What is it that connects human beings with nature and what have we ever tried to learn from her? What is art, what nature? Our work is an example of how we address these questions about nature, human nature, and reality. We hope it serves as an example at a starting point for the viewers own investigations of nature, but: Maybe It´s Only Imagine.


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