GODOT IS COMING… with great expectations

an emotionally and physically inclusive performance for a diverse range of audiences – six performers

developed through a process in the style of EXISTENCE THEATRE

directed by bello benischauer – based on his original 42 pages script including movement sketches

We all await Godot, each one of us in our own way. We wait until the Government makes changes, sets rules and regulations, forbids and permits. We have great expectations of others, we make ourselves dependent on capitalism and obey orders from above. We seem stuck in a cycle of users and abusers, may think a lot and feel less. But where does this leave us in our own individual sense of self? Where does our own identity fit into these multitudinous contexts? Are we WE or are we I, YOU, and the OTHER?

CONTENT: Dance first. Think later. It‘s the natural order. (Samuel Beckett)

  • language as the only communication?
  • movement rituals as displayed freedom
  • skin to skin contact as taboo

The audience gets tested for speech comprehension, agility and self-activation.

For this particular piece we dive into a phenomenological discussion about Deleuze’s writings on becoming rather than being from a contemporary viewpoint of existential discussion, which would – under thriving conditions – allow, motivate and urge us to grow and take ownership of our actions and reactions. In extending on Samuel Becket’s idea of „Godot“ we create a process, in which various performers dive into a self-sensing and self-moving exploration, with which they bring emotions and their physical limitations to the surface. While exploring their cultural identities through performed self-narratives, they build a relationship with each other that is grounded in the uniqueness of each participating performer. The more they interact, the more they ‘become’ in their multi-layered communication with each other. As their self-identities grow from a cathartic sense of belonging, they begin to test their own limits and provoce the audience to test theirs.

FORM: This project will develop through the building of small scenes. Space occupied, to develop movement patterns/ritualised actions alongside the acting out of theatrical situations. This will be based on the written script by the artists, according to the topic above. Both ‘forms of expression’ (movement and spoken word) will merge and flow, creating the actual performance within a visual landscape of projection and live sound composition.

To deliver the text package of the script, six different languages will be used to open a dialogue with the unknown, leading the audience away from the spoken word into a felt experience. This shall foster the awareness of the multicultural/lingual context versus our narrow, conditioned perception through everyday communicaton channels like social media.

The audience enters a world of simultaneous acts, their viewpoint will be guided by their individual perception of the overall presentation. This again provides room for own interpretations, own imagination and the ability to focus elsewhere, if a presented image may become too strong. The subconscious gets activated to take action, to perceive with awareness, to meet the other very close, or even skin to skin. The audience decides themselves, makes choices, how far they explore and engage within the performative encounter.

EXISTENCE THEATRE: is a unique form of performance theatre that has been developed over the past twenty years by interdisciplinary artists Bello Benischauer and Elisabeth M Eitelberger while combining video projection, live sound composition, text as spoken language(s), theatrical and performative methods. 2020 marks twenty years of their ongoing national and international practice and projects. EXISTENCE THEATRE touches on urgent, contemporary themes and stands for gender equality, diversity and cultural tolerance and against stigma and label – by creating poignant, powerful, engaging, critical, non- conventional, poetic and surreal performances in different environments, often during AIRs. Their methodology is influenced by postmodern ideas, which allows the artists to learn from immidiate environments as well as engaging with urgent, everyday topics. In addition to that, Existence Theatre productions originate from the existential approach to examine questions concerning human identity, meaning, personal choice and responsibility. Existence Theatre works with changing ensembles. Their performers approach the audience in a unique way by breaking down the fourth wall.