CV elisabeth m eitelberger

MA Phil, multidisciplinary artist | co-founder of ART IN PROCESS

works independently across performance art/video/installation/creative writing and research

Elisabeth was born in Linz, Austria in 1974 and lives in Fremantle/Western Australia (since 2001) and in Langenlois/Austria. She received her Master of Arts (Philosophy, Theatre and Art History) from the University of Vienna in 1999, followed by various employments at Austrian Cultural Institutions (OK Center for Contemporary Art Upper Austria, States Theatre Linz, and Wochenklausur/Interventions through Art). Elisabeth is a co-founder of ART IN PROCESS with artist Bello Benischauer and they have worked together as an independent entity since 2000. They create work that is experimental, that involves interactions with participants and functions within non-traditional spaces. Elisabeth’s part in the partnership involves artistic creation, voice works, performance acts, interventions and writing short abstract plays, as well as independent research on theoretical questions concerning ART IN PROCESS practice and context. Workshops, lectures, social/school projects and conference presentations accompany their artistic work. Some of their earlier works were released on DVDs, Blu-Ray and in book format, distributed by Contemporary Arts Media Melbourne/London. Elisabeth and Bello have two children, Elias, born 2004 and Emma, born 2011. Next to her artistic work Elisabeth is writing an artistic monograph about ART IN PROCESS.


Born in Linz/Upper Austria 1974, came to Australia in 2001


1993 to 1999 University studies Art History, Philosophy and Theatre

1999 research thesis publication: The idea of the Museum

1999 degree Master of Arts, University of Vienna

Artistic/Cultural Occupations in Austria between 1997 and 2002

OK Centre of Contemporary Art Linz

States Theatre Linz

Wochenklausur Vienna

2000 Co-founded ART IN PROCESS with Bello Benischauer 


2008-2011 Art on the Move solo-exhibition IMPACT & FUSION by bello benischauer, touring 11 venues in WA, NSW and QLD


2012-2017 Old Custom’s House, Artsource Fremantle/WA

2010 Artspace Sydney

2010 Labfactory Vienna

2009 subnet Salzburg

2007 VAC Albany

Selected International and National Solo-Exhibitions

2009 subnet Salzburg/A

2003 Moore’s Fremantle

2002 University Media Art Linz/A

2001 Wels, Langenlois/A

1992 first solo-exhibition Traun/A

Selected International and National Group-Exhibitions

2011 ISEA Uncontainable/Istanbul

2008 Million Puppet project/ Perth, SOHO/Vienna

2005 Women’s City, ACCEA/Yerevan

2006 Bakery/Perth

2005 Cinema Paradiso/Perth, barbes/New York, tapgallery/Sydney

2004 AMODA/Austin, National Museum of Australia/Canberra

2003 Performance Symposium/San Francisco

1995 Mensch Du Natur, Gloggnitz/A

International and National Public Live Performances & Interventions 2009 to 2011 in Australia and Austria

International Conference Presentations and Workshops

Critical Essays

2012 cross-border and beyond. the work by bello benischauer and ART IN PROCESS, monograph, AIP limited editions

2011 crossing borders and beyond, International Symposium of Electronic Arts, Conference Proceedings, Istanbul

2010 Issues go global, Interdisciplinary Projects do evolve – Personal View, Interdisciplinary.Net Oxford/UK

2011 Inter-Artistic Identities within the Socio-Political Space, Interdisciplinary.Net Oxford/UK

2009 Intervention, AIP limited editions

2008 Sustainability and Extinction, ARTECH08 Publication, University of Porto/Portugal

2007 Identical City, Virtual Residency – European Cultural Project, Publication, University Saarbrücken

Various Grants – National/International Projects


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