Fears and anxieties are according to research and media reports on the increase in our society, and the discussion of “where does emotional/verbal/physical abuse really start” reaches new hights. It leaves us with a lot of questions of how to actually deal with other people sensibly enough. The piece explores which struggles we face in common, daily routines and how easy we switch from being a victim to become the abuser, how often we actually encounter such situations in our lives and how we change the roles frequently, often unintentionally.

A PLAY IN TWO ACTS, two places – two worlds – different issues – same fear of loneliness

Two local people. They live together. They have conversations and face situations, in which their relationship is highly under threat. Why, because one thinks to be gay, the other is not, but somehow they fall in love. They start to remember awkward situations or do they just imagine them? In any case, something always comes in their way to prevent them from enjoying their togetherness and it all gets complicated and messy. Typical flatmate issues seem to interfere with a love story that just won’t happen. They struggle on the edges from victim to abuser and change the roles frequently. Still they stick together, what else should they do with their lives.

Somewhere else on this planet. Two women share the same dream, their circumstances are not clear. While one struggles to keep her head up, the other plans their trip to a faraway place, where everything would be different. And whereas the one keeps drifting off into isolation out of her fear to change, the other drags her along and becomes the abusive counterpart that just tries to get her way, no matter what it takes and only because she is frightened to move on by herself.

written by Elisabeth M Eitelberger and Bello Benischauer | ART IN PROCESS | Existence Theatre Production 2019